As I approach the start of my future, I come to a close to my childhood home. Packing all the memories up in totes to put in storage, where they will sit for years. All the medals from my races wont get their fame anymore. All the certificates get closed into folders to be put away. All the pictures get torn off the walls as they get to see new scenery. It’s a fresh start, but scary for the most part.

Thinking about living and having relationships with a people who haven’t been apart of our 18+ years of life is both exciting and nerve wreaking. Friendships will come and go in high school (or so my parents tell me), but these friends that I haven’t met will be my friends for the rest of my life. Also we can’t ignore the fact that we are supposed to find our soul mate in these short 4 years either. Everyone wants their prince charming, how is everyone so sure that we will find him/her in college. Finding that person. How should we know what the feeling of love is? Clearly I’ll be a dog person…

Hopefully this first fall semester of college goes well. All I’m asking for is to not have the freshman 15

To do

•Ride a bike

•learn the 50 states

•know how to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

•Get a detention 

•Highschool Prom

•Graduate high school

•Attend college






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