My First Blog Post…

Well, here I am typing on this computer onto a website that I am unaware of, trying to be productive with my time. ┬áSo far its working because I finished the first sentence! Anyways I’ve always wanted a place where I could express my thoughts, whether that be publicly or privately. I might as well start sooner rather than later!

A little about myself just for a background is I run. I’ve run cross-country and track since 7th grade and fell in love with it. ( I should say its a love/hate relationship) Another thing I love doing is being obsessed with my Fitbit Charge HR, it keeps me motivated to move and also very fun to compete against your friends in the challenges that they invite you to! My family is very close and I wouldn’t be here without their constant support and love. My siblings look up to me which intrinsically motivates me to be the best person that I can be at all times.

This is just a snippet of me because I can’t give out everything in the first blog… that would be too easy